People love quotes. They’re like word tictacs that you suck on, swallow then breathe out when you speak. Actually one of the reasons I like elementary schools is that I get to read the goofy quotes lacing the walls like cobwebs. I see them, smile, get a little inspired then proceed to the cafeteria for bad food. A few weeks ago while talking with a girlfriend, I said something that stuck to us both: “Girl, it’s not just your cup that runneth over; your bowls and bathtubs do too!” For a second we sat silent, stunned by the truth of my words. I thought, l should share my little word bursts with more than just Tamara. I should make my love of quotes official, put my best words out in the world and hope they inspire others as much as they touch me. Thus was born Gayle’s Goods, word snacks to pop in your mouth then go about your business a little more full.  My plan is to post a new Good every Monday morning to get your week off to a more than decent start. Maybe you’ll smile a little when you read my words. Maybe you’ll share them with your grumpy auntie or that cute, bearded barista who gets your coffee right. Maybe you’ll speak them to that girlfriend who desperately needs a good word. Whatever you do, please remember your next smile is only a word away. Or something sweet like that. Hey, wait, that line was pretty good! I think I’ll make it the next Gayle’s Goods. Take care you.  
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