Steve Jobs reminded one of his audiences that they’re all eventually going to die so they might as well be true to their vision, true to their hearts. This is paraphrased but you get the point. Life is crazy- short (and he should know; he only lived to his late 50’s) therefore we owe it to ourselves to live hard and with truth, determined to not only discover the why of our existence but to be about the business of making our dreams our mission. Did you get that? You ain’t got long Ms. Thang. Now’s the time. The clock might say 11:16 but that’s a lie. The time is now. The time is not a number. The time is a scream, an urging, a prod tipped with fire. Let’s be real. Deep inside, don’t you wish you were younger? Don’t you wish you could gallop back in time, be 26 again and do that thing that was calling you? Since you wouldn’t listen, the voice that was calling has gotten hoarse, barely audible, and you wonder sometimes, when your bedroom is silent and your mind is hollering, what in the hell has happened to me? Isn’t it sad, this insistence on avoiding? This acting as if we’ve got all the time in the world because we’re all going to live to be 100 and something so we might as well saunter toward our goals, sashay in the waiting room of our desires? Most of us turn away until our motivation has gone soggy and fecal-looking like last week’s snow. Your only hope is to do as Mr. Jobs said: accept that your death is right around the corner and act with the urgency of that understanding. Behave as if you’ve only got 4 days left to live. Kiss the ground. Eat on the good plates. Let dirty dishes swell to the ceiling. Cry with your best friend. Accept her apology. Take a flight. Cancel a flight. Make a date. Sit beneath the stars. Take a 60-minute shower. Eat lobster shimmering in butter. Laugh like everything is funny. Dance naked in the mirror. Live like you’re dying. Everyday. This is the miracle of rebirth available to us all and death is not required.
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