Risque funnyman George Carlin had a filthy mouth. In his outrageous stand up routines, he indiscriminately used words that most of us whisper in the privacy of our homes with the door closed and locked! But there’s another class of words that aren’t considered foul but make most folks uncomfortable nonetheless. Words like: funeral, bereaved, mourning, deceased, cemetery. There’s no quicker way to end a party than to start saying these words near the cheese dip! Partygoers’ faces will go from delighted to depressed in three seconds or less and you’ll be left beneath the disco ball, holding a plate of cold nachos, dancing alone. Why are we so afraid of these words? Let’s face it, we’ll all have to utter them at some time or another, over and over. We might as well get comfy with them. We might as well make them part of our daily vernacular. Imagine the boss says: “why are you late for work?” You reply: “I had some mourning-work to do just after I woke up.” or your boyfriend asks: “where would you like to go tonight?” to which you answer: “anyplace where the lights are low. I’m feeling a little grievy tonight and some subdued lighting would do me good.” These are not bad words, they are real ones. Too real for most, but they’re the language we all must eventually speak. Deal with it.
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