It’s true: music makes me cry. I’ll get in the car, ease a cd into the player, start driving and soon after, begin to cry. I used to think the tears were about being sad but now I know they come when the music plays. Any music, as long as I like it. I think it’s something about the absolute beauty of the song, how it curls up next to my veins and pumps through me like blood. Or maybe the notes are spoons, stirring up emotions formerly at rest. Whatever it is, I guess I like it. I’ll take it to mean I’m human, susceptible to tears, meltable. I’ll let the drops be tiny baths keeping me clean and open to whatever life brings. Maybe I cry because the music unearths memories buried so far down I can’t recall them. Perhaps those cries keep me healthy and soft, protecting the baby in me refusing to grow up and grow cold. Doesn’t matter if the song is fast or slow, disco (certain Donna Summer songs makes me weep) or Journey, once the notes waft in the air, I am touched and I am tears. Please don’t read this as complaining, I’m just noticing one more thing about me. Everyday I find a new piece in my puzzle. ¬†Every moment a song I sing in the key of me. What’s your song?    
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