I don’t get a lot of colds and I’m rarely under the weather (knock on wood!) but I wonder when we get ill, is it a virus or sadness? Do you believe that sometimes we get sick because we’re mourning? Our defenses are down and maybe we’re not taking good care of ourselves, staying up late, crying a lot, eating doritos instead of peaches, and then we’re flat on our backs, engulfed in kleenex, slathered in Vicks vapo rub? I’m not sure how to verify this theory but I wonder: if I were to call all my sick friends and find out what’s going on in their lives, would they reveal that they’ve been feeling blue lately? Are we happy because we’re well or are we well because we’re happy? Nobody is happy all the time and thank God for it. The blues make the pinks prettier. The rainy days bedazzle the moments of sun. But Lovely One you would be well to smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Laugh when a tear is caught in your throat. The last thing you want is to be grieving and have the flu. To be mourning and nursing a nasty cough. Take care of your special self. It’s the only you you’ll ever have. Cry when you need to and laugh when you can. Life is, after all, for the living.
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