Ain’t it hard to smile sometimes? You take a look at your life (especially tonight when resolutions are running rampant) and it feels empty, like something’s missing. Well, my sweet friend, something IS missing. You’ve waved goodbye to somebody who meant more than the world to you and now you’re having to reconfigure what you do, with whom, and who you are now. I’m about to say something strange, but hang in there. You ready? Smile. That’s right, smile. Even though your tomato plant won’t grow fruit, smile. Even though night seems to swallow your skin, smile. Even though your best friend left you stranded at the mall. Smile anyway. There is power in your smile. ¬†You defeat sadness when you smile. There is peace in your smile. You look pretty when you smile. Your problems don’t seem as tall when you smile. It’s what your lost loved one (llo) would’ve wanted. Remember how much she loved to see you happy? Remember how laughter spilled out of the two of you whenever you were together? This is what I want you to see tonight as the ball drops. Something happy. Something grand. Something no one or no thing can take from you. Something that makes you chuckle. Something to live for. Something to smile about. There’s so much that is beautiful. Like you and your smile. Go shine, Love.
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