Arrrrrgh! I lost my wallet tonight. It’s gray and made out of denim. Frayed at the edges. About an inch longer than my hand. Have you seen it? All the way home, driving down rte 50, I scoured my brain trying to remember the last time I was conscious of holding it in my hand. Now I have decided to let it go. I checked my debit card; no one has tried to use it, yet. I’ll go get another license Monday after work. I’ll be fine. God bless the depraved soul of whoever took it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could as easily resolve our feelings of frustration and hurt and rage when we lose someone we love? Just talk to ourselves for an hour and poof! all the pain evaporates like steam. But saying the big goodbye is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Maybe that’s why all the little losses (keys, wallets, socks, jobs) I’ve suffered have been relatively easy to endure. When it comes to my wallet, I set my shoulders, tell myself recovering my license and social security card will be inconvenient but doable and I move on. Besides, I was never going to call those people who gave me their business cards back in 1998 and why was I holding onto those Trident wrappers? If all losses were that easy!
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