Met with a funeral director tonight. I had no idea what to expect: a formal man in a black suit, helmet hair, cufflinks? A laid back fellow, Harley in the parking lot? Well, what I got was what I wanted: a teddybear man with a round laugh and lots of encouragement for GriefRelief. It was pretty sad when he admitted that most funeral homes don’t do aftercare services, but I saw even this as an opportunity. To me it sounds like somebody needs to given information about how grief works and the role that the industry could play in client’s grief walk. There is so much to learn and lots of work to do in terms of providing what the bereaved really need in order to heal and move with the flow of life after loss. But there’s time, right? One thing the business is not known for is moving quickly. I felt ridiculous in my gray suit and heels. I assumed the director would be dressed and pressed and I wanted to meet him in his world. But never mind. What I got tonight was plates of laughter, a juicy steak, sound advice and a new friend who really cares about his clients. Good people are always welcome at my table.
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