That title makes me sound like I’m Morticia’s sister, right? Remember her, the beautiful, sultry, dark freak-of-a-wife-and-mother from the Adams Family? I loved that show about an ordinary family that just happened to embrace the dark side. As a bereavement writer and poet, I spend  a lot of time thinking about the other side. I ponder death and how it has impacted my life and I turn those thoughts into words and performances. But the funny thing is this: even though there’s sadness in my work, there is an abundance of joy in my writing and in my life. It’s as if living so close to the end infuses my heart with the urgency of now: now I must hug Noah, Nolan and Noni. Now I must call my girlfriend Sonya and let her know how much I love the way she says her mother’s name. Now I must check on my father, find out how his dialysis is going. Now. Now. Now. It’s like losing Mama and Daddy(I had two fathers) and Toya and Donald and Lorenda, all those millions of tears, has turned into this passion for making each of my hours matter. Packing my days with I love you’s and how can I help you and who needs a letter from me today, who needs a visit, a phone call? So, intertwined with my thoughts of death is this passion for life. The ultimate oxymoron. Just like how Morticia can wear such a morbid name and be this sexy goddess with a husband who can’t keep his hands off her skintight mermaid dress. Just like you can look at the night sky and imagine the morning. Just like we can get up most mornings after crying all through the night. Life in death.
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