I love when my girlfriends call me to vent. It makes me feel like I’m really part of their lives, like they feel safe enough with me to be ugly and inappropriate and real. Well, tonight one of my teacher-friends called and man was she pissed! I’m glad I was available to give her ear when she badly needed it. At some point in the “conversation” (which it really wasn’t because she was doing all the talking) I closed my eyes. Instinctively I knew that in order to truly hear her, I needed to leave the busy room by closing down and focusing in on  not just her words, but the emotions behind them. This felt like High Love, like I was giving my friend a part of me that was pure and open. I didn’t ask her, at the end of the talk, if she felt I had given good ear. I didn’t need to. She was, after all was spat and spoken, much more relaxed than when she called me.  Even though I didn’t solve her problem, I gave her the patient quiet she needed to come to her own best solution. Sometimes we have to close up in order to open up.
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